Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies (2016)

Could you fight off zombies with a snowboard? In January 2017, three friends strapped on their boards and tried to find out.

Directing this 78 minute comedy/horror is Dominik Hartl.

Some of the cast is: Oscar Dyekjaer Giese as Josh, Gabriela Marcinkova as Branka, Laurie Calvert as Steve, Margarete Tiesel as Rita, Patricia Aulitzky as Hilde, Kari Rakkola as Chekov and Karl Fischer as Franz.

Three snowboarders find themselves stuck on top of a mountain when a local entrepreneur unwittingly starts a zombie outbreak. Friends Josh, Branka and Steve’s snowboarding skills will be put to the test as they fight off the growing horde of flesh eaters and try to find a way off the mountain. Unfortunately, the zombies aren’t the only dangerous things they need to worry about…

Every now and then you see a movie title and you just know you have to see it. This… was one of those titles. So when I got the opportunity to screen this Austrian zombie flick I jumped on it and as it turned out, it was totally worth it.

The story that was writers Dominik Hartl and Armin Prediger came up with is pretty entertaining. It has a good mix of zombie chomping horror and humor. The snowboarding theme was kind of cool because it was something different, which is always good to see in a genre that’s had so many movies of the same thing pumped out over and over. Hartl and Prediger managed to pack a witty script, funny/interesting zombie kills and plenty of gore to satisfy any zombie fan into this one.

I thought the playthrough had a really good pace and with everything the film has going on it constantly has something, laughs or action, happening to hold your attention. The music that PaulGallister came up with was a good fit for the movie and really made the zombie fighting montage part of the film even better. One of the complaints I have with the film is, even with a running time of 78 minutes, it felt like a short watch. The movie opens up and sets the scene for why everyone is in place. Then the zombies start running wild and before I knew it I was watching the credits. Now, it’s cool that the movie is constantly moving, so you’re never bored, but it felt like we blew through the zompocalypse to fast to really enjoy everything that was going on in the scenes.

As for the cast, I thought everyone did a good job. There’s a good chemistry between the cast members, which shows in the scenes. Out of everyone, I think Margarete Tiesel’s character was my favorite. Be it behind the bar working or fighting off zombies, Tiesel’s character always got me laughing.

Another one of the things I liked about this one was the special effects. They went mainly with practical effects along with some light CGI work here and there. Some of the CGI looked good and blended in smoothly, but there was some spots that stood out real bad. The makeup work that Desiree Delic and Schwerthelm Ziehfreund came up looked great and really added to the movie. Things get pretty gory once the zombie infection takes hold and between Xiaosu Han and Andreas Thalhammer, doing some great cinematography work, they captured some awesome scenes.


Summary : For any zombie fans looking for a laugh this one is worth your time to check out.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has violence and langue.




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