Wer (2013)

werWhat do you when you come face to face with something that you thought didn’t exist? In November 2013, Kate couldn’t do anything else… but believe now.

Directing this 89 minute horror/mystery/thriller is William Brent Bell.

Spinning this tale is: A.J. Cook as Kate Moore, Vik Sahay as Eric Sarin, Simon Quarterman as Gavin Flemyng, Brian Scott O’Connor as Talan Gwynek, Sebastian Roche as Klaus Pistor and Camelia Maxium as Mrs. Gwynek.

Defense attorney Kate Moore is trying to help her client Talan when he’s accused of murdering a family. Even though the evidence points in Talan’s direction, Kate thinks he’s innocent and is trying everything she can to prove it. Unfortunately, there may be more to Talan’s story then Kate realizes, and if she doesn’t hurry up and figure it out more lives could be lost.

So all you lycan lovers, we have another werewolf title to add to the pile. However, this one plays out a little differently, which seeing a different view on an old story is never a bad thing. This American horror is a found footage film. So this could be a bonus for some of you and a warning for others.

I have to say, writers William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman came up with a werewolf story that kept my curiosity going during the movie. As for the script, it’s pretty good, everything flows nicely for the most part. You do have a few low spots in the script, but that comes from a mix of poor delivery from the cast and bad writing to get through a scene. Really though it’s not that bad, and hardly noticeable.


The slow but hintful playthrough that went on during the flick was something I enjoyed. Yeah you can make the call werewolf really quick, so there’s really no mystery to the film, but how everything comes to happen is what keeps it interesting. I think the different take on the story was probable the best part to me. You still have the moon being a huge factor, but not your typical howling at the moon werewolf.

For the most part I thought the cast was good. Cook is a good actress and did really well as the lead. I also thought Sarin and Quartman were good addition to the cast. Oddly, Roche is usually a solid actor and I’ve liked his work, but not so much in this one. Maybe he was just having an off day… while he was filming all his parts. I’m sorry but he’s lines seemed forced, and lacked any believability. Like he was just trying to do what ever it took to finish up and call it a day. Now O’Conner on the other hand, did really well with his character and was a good choice for the role of Gwynek..

Special effects were a hit and a miss through out the film. You get some spots that looked good, while some were just bad. Mainly it’s the CGI when I say the effects were a miss. The CGI just stood out to much in some scenes and didn’t blend in well.


Summary : I thought it was a good movie and was pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, it's not really scary, because the only horror you'll find is the fact the movie is about a werewolf. Still I say it's worth a watch, if nothing else then to kill the curiosity of another werewolf movie. Specially since you can throw a stone and hit a ton of vampire or zombie movies. Seriously, where are all the werewolf movies, and why aren't there more of them?! Either way, grab this one and give it a go.

It's rated R for violence and language.




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