All Hallows’ Eve (2013)

Would you watch a mysterious VHS tape found in your kid’s candy bag? Does anyone still have a VCR? In October 2013, that mysterious tape gave us a new face to add to horror… Art the clown.

Directing this 85 minute horror is Damien Leone.

Some of the cast stuck being associated with this flick is:Katie Maguire as Sarah, Sydney Freihofer as Tia, Cole Mathewson as Timmy, Catherine A. Callahan as Caroline, Kayla Lian as Casey, Marie Master as Woman and Mike Giannelli as Art the clown.

Sarah is babysitting Tia and Timmy on Halloween night. After Timmy realizes he got a VHS tape in his candy bag, the kids want nothing more than to see what’s on it. Sarah is uncertain since she doesn’t know what’s on the tape or who it came from. After some bickering and promising, the kids get their way and they start watching the movie. It appears to just be some sort of horror movie, but Sarah thinks it’s too much for the kids and turns it off. The kids are sent to bed and Sarah decides to watch some more of the movie. The tape seems to cover three different women, in different situations. What they all have in common is this clown that appears in each of the stories and during the breaks in between. Soon, the movie becomes too much for her. Getting jumpy, she starts thinking she’s hearing things in the house. It’s probably just the kids messing around… right?

So, I spent 85 minutes watching this movie… yeah. Alright, so, the clown was creepy cool. The story had promise, but never really took off. The way they linked the stories together was ok, it worked for other movies. Problem here is that there’s not enough filler to make sense of the movie. The mini stories playthrough fine, don’t get me wrong, it was the overall all playthrough that fell short. Now, they do try different filming techniques in the mini stories and I really dug that. The third story was the one I liked the best, the others just kill time till you get to it. Special effects were good, when they used them.


Summary : The acting was ok, but the movie as a whole was lacking. So, if you're really bored and too lazy to bang your head against the wall for 85 minutes... give it a watch.

It's rated R for violence, language and gore.