Bad Johnson (2014)

bad-johnsonDo you think a womanizer can have a change of heart? In May 2014, Rich didn’t really have a choice to change, especially after he lost his drive for it.

Directing this 88 minute comedy/fantasy is Huck Botko.

Busy being bad is: Cam Gigandet as Rich Johnson, Nick Thune as Rich’s Penis, Katherine Cunningham as Lindsay Young and Kevin Miller as Josh Nelson.

Cam has a problem: No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t seem to say no to women. Not that this is a bad thing, except Cam is usually in a relationship when he should be saying no. Well, all this womanizing finally catches up with Cam, and as much as he wants to quit, he just can’t seem to do it. So after Cam wakes up and can’t find his penis. Yep, it’s gone! Of course Cam wants to find his lost companion, which luckily he does. The problem is how he finds it, somehow his penis has taken a human form… and now both of them don’t know what to do to fix their predicament.

After finding out what the story was about, I had to check out it. The guy literally… lost his penis. Even though it may not sound like much right off the bat don’t worry, it only gets better. The storyline that Jeff Tetreault came up with is pretty funny. Yeah it’s a little low brow with the humor, it’s a movie about a guy’s penis, but it’s also a story about change and personal growth. Now, yeah, the story is good but the playthrough is a little weak and predictable. So really you’re watching this for the laughs, not a deep or life changing story.


I thought the cast did pretty good. I’ve seen Gigandet in a few other films … and yeah he was about the same. Gigandet isn’t the strongest actor but can get the job done and deserve a paycheck. Thune, on the other hand, I thought he was great. Funny, flashy and grabs your attention when he’s on scene, which works for the character he plays.

This one is just one of those quick laughs and it’s over kind of films.

Summary : This one goes it's not blockbuster, but would be a good late night watch. So I'd pass on it while it's in the theaters.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has nudity and language.