Carrie (2013)

How far can you push someone before they break? In October 2013, Carrie was pushed… now it’s time to push back.

Directing this 110 minute drama/horror is Kimberly Peirce.

Filling up the spots in this remake is: Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White, Julianne Moore as Margaret White, Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell, Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross, Zoe Belkin as Tina, Alex Russell as Billy Nolan, Judy Greer as Ms. Desjardin and Barry Shabaka Henley as Principal Morton.

Years of a sheltered life has made it hard for Carrie to connect with people. Her overly religious mother, mixed with what the kids at school do to her, and you’ve got a poor girl that’s been pushed around a lot in life. After a few more pushes, something happens to Carrie. Something scary, but amazing at the same time. She realizes she has a gift, something that makes her different, but this time she likes it. Now, it’s time for her to do some pushing…

This film is a remake of the 1976 original. We’re talking about an awesome classic, that this remake doesn’t even begin to touch. Yes, it stays pretty close to home with the story, with a few changes here and there.

The cast was great, Moore played a great crazy. The problem I had with this flick was: Moretz was too good to play the role of Carrie. I “saw” that she was an outcast (because the script said so), but it wasn’t believable. For what the movie is suppose to be, it was too clean and nice. Although, the special effects were really cool looking and added some nice looking scenes. Now, for someone who may have never seen the original (if that person exists), you will probably like this flick, but if you’re looking for a horror, keep looking.


Summary : I didn't see anything great or different about it. Personally, I'd wait for it to hit video and grab it at your leisure. Go ahead and spend your time and money else where.

It's rated R for violence and language.




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