Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear (2013)

When’s the last time you sat down and thought about your five senses? In May 2013, a group of people sat down and did just that, and this is what they came up with.

Directing this 88 minute five piece horror anthology is:
Nick Everhart – Smell
Miko Hughes – See
Emily Hagins – Touch
Eric England – Taste
Jesse Holland/Andy Mitton – Listen

Filling your senses with horror is: Corey Scott Rutledge as Seth Kyle, Danae Nason as Sarah, Hilary Greer as Miss Margaret, Ted Yudaim as Dr. Tom, Debra Jans as Amy, Lowell Byers as Travis/Killer, Caleb Barwick as Henry, Doug Roland as Aaron Whitworth, Symba Smith as Lacey Sharp, Joe Varca as Jesse, Daniel Brennan as Dan, Ellen Clifford as Grace and Chris Opperman as Vic Hambly.

Smell – An unexpected but friendly visit from a stranger gifts Seth with something that could be the fix all to his problems.

See – Being able to look through the eyes of his patients, Dr. Tom feels like he’s rather close to the people he looks after. So, when he realized Amy was having some trouble in life, Dr. Tom cooks up some medicine to cure the problem.

Touch – After his parents have been hurt in a car crash, it’s up to Henry to see to their safety. While trying to find help, Henry runs into something he never saw coming, unfortunately for Henry, it can see him just fine.

Taste – Doug’s abilities have caught the eye of a rather large corporation called Watershed. Lacey has a great job offer for him, one that he shouldn’t refuse.

Listen – Dan and Jesse are trying to find a killer song.

Five short films make up this anthology of horror, and each short did pretty good holding up to what their title was. It aired on television first and then hit DVD. As with most anthology movies, not every story was a home run. Smell was ok, it was just a little too campy for me, and Taste was just an excuse for the special effects team to have some fun. While Touch has to be my favorite of them all, followed by Listen. Both were shot well, had a good cast and great directing. While I’m not a big fan of found footage, Listen won me over. The short called See falls in the middle. It was cool because the story had some imagination and the playthrough was good.

The film has you bumping into characters from the other stories as it plays through, giving you a solid whole flick. I wish they had given more back story on the subject matter that links all the shorts together, but it doesn’t really hurt anything. It just spins your curiosity a bit. It was kinda cool to me that the directors also wrote or co-wrote their own shorts. While the opening credits are pretty hardcore, it doesn’t set the pace of the film, which I was kinda disappointed by. It’s like running to your car like your life depends on it, jumping in, starting it and then driving off doing five miles an hour… why? So, yeah I can’t say it’s really scary, but definitely entertaining. Also, Listen did have me creeped out a bit as it played through, major bonus in my book! Also, the special effects team in each of the stories did a good job.


Summary : This one's worth the time to check out.

It's rated NR but has language, violence and gore.