Hazmat (2013)

hazmatWhat happens when you push an unstable person too far? In August 2013, Jacob started pushing back… with an axe.

Directing this 80 minute horror/thriller is Lou Simon.

The cast is: Norbert Velez as Jacob/Hazmat, Reggie Peters as Adam, Daniela Larez as Carla, Gema Calero as Melanie, Todd Bruno as David, Aniela McGuinness as Brenda, Giordan Diaz as Gary, Tom Stedham as Steven, Mario Nalini as Tim and Dennis Spain as Ed.

A reality show is giving Adam a chance to scare his friend Jacob straight, in hopes of helping him. Unfortunately plans take a turn for the worse when what was supposed to be fake becomes horrifically real.

So, writer and director Lou Simon penned out and filmed what she thought (I’m sure) would be a little slasher trick for us all. Unfortunately, that’s the last time I will be referring to this flick as a treat, because it’s far from it.

As far as the storyline, it couldn’t be any more of a basic, unimaginative “have weapon will kill” slasher film if it tried. The idea was so plain and bland it couldn’t hold my attention. Even though Simon tried to wrap this storyline around a reality show to spice it up, it really only served to excuse why a handful of people would be isolated and scared targets for a killer. Sadly, as the playthrough went, the reality show only gave us more annoying people to have to watch until they died, which wasn’t soon enough.

The cast was far from impressive, which lead to poor scenes and bad script delivery. I will say that Velez does make for a convincing crazy killer, I don’t know if that’s good or bad but it worked. Other than that, the cast doesn’t bring anything to the table to help the movie.


The sets were fitting to the scenes and looked ok, and they did give some help setting the atmosphere for the movie. However, the special effects were lacking. Yeah, there was blood and it looked ok, but that was about it as far as the special effects went. Everything about this flick was so basic that it wasn’t even funny. It actually could have been a decent flick with what it had, but nothing was pushed enough in the right directions.


Summary : For a slasher flick I was disappointed, but people died and there's an axe welding psycho chasing people. So if you find yourself extremely bored and can't find anything better to watch than this... then read a book.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has violence and language.