Hit and Run (2012)

Would you be willing to give up everything to start your life over? In August 2012, Charles had to let go of everything in his past, but the trade turned out to be the best thing for him.

Directing this 100 minute action/comedy/romance is Dax Shepard and David Palmer.

Starring in this hit flick is: Dax Shepard as Yul Perrkins/Charles Bronson, Kristen Bell as Annie Bean, Tom Arnold as Randy Anderson, Michael Rosenbaum as Gil Rathbinn, Bradley Cooper as Alex Dmitri, Joy Bryant as Neve, Ryan Hansen as Allen, Beau Bridges as Clint Perrkins and Jess Rowland as Terry Rathbinn.

With appearances by Kristin Chenoweth as Debby Kreeger, David Koechner as Sanders, Jason Bateman as Keith Yert and Sean Hayes as Sandy Osterman.

After Annie gets the news of a great job possibility out of town, the realization sets in on what that means for her and Charles, her boyfriend. So, she decides to pass on the interview, which is something Charles doesn’t want her to do. Knowing this is the best thing that could ever happen for her, Charles makes the call that Annie is going to that interview, and he’s going to take her there. Only problem is, Charles won’t just be leaving their quiet town of Milton, California, he’ll also be leaving the witness protection program, which are two things he’s not suppose to be doing. Because Charles loves Annie so much, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Even if that means going back home to Los Angeles, where he left his life and legal troubles behind. What started as a simple road trip to a possible new beginning, quickly turns into a comedy filled with adventure.

Dax Shepard not only stars, but co-directs and also wrote the screenplay for this film. He has always been a different kind of funny, but if you’re a fan of his then you’re going to love this one. Dax and Bell bring their real life romance to the screen by playing the loving couple Yul and Annie in this (good kind of) cheesy love story that’s filled with a lot of humor. I don’t really like Bell, but she won me over in this one right from the start with a great character. The rest of the cast did great, and it was cool seeing Rosenbaum get to throw another film under his belt.

The storyline just up and takes off right from the start, and keeps that same fast pace going with a great playthrough. I found out since this was a independent production without studio supervision, Dax and a few of the other cast member’s did their own stunt driving. Very cool!

Summary : It has enough to keep you entertained and to make it worth the time to see.

It's rated R for language, violence and nudity.




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