Homefront (2013)

Does seeing the chaos around you in life make you want to protect the ones around you more? In November 2013, the chaos in Phil’s life has caught up with him, and now it’s time to protect the ones around him.

Directing this 100 minute action/crime/thriller is Gary Flender.

Some of the stars of this flick are: Jason Statham as Phil Broker, Izabela Vidovic as Maddy Broker, James Franco as Morgan “Gator” Bodine, Winona Ryder as Sheryl Marie Mott, Kate Bosworth as Cassie Bodine Klum, Marcus Hester as Jimmy Klum, Clancy Brown as Sheriff Keith Rodrigue, Omar Benson Miller as Teedo, Frank Grillo as Cyrus Hanks and Chuck Zito as “Danny T” Turrie. With an apperance by Pruitt Taylor Vince as Werks.

DEA agent Phil Broker decides to hang up his badge after a big drug bust with a biker gang goes wrong. So, Phil decides to settle down in a quiet town and do the family thing. Unfortunately, with the passing of his wife, it’s up to Phil to take care of his daughter Maddy the best he can. Yet, before Phil knows it, one argument between parents turns into a head to head with the local drug lord.

So I was surprised when I found this little tidbit out. The movie is based on a novel written by Chuck Logan, not the surprising part, most things are based off of something else. The screenplay however was written by… Sylvester Stallone. There was my surprise. I knew Stallone had done some writing/directing/acting work on The Expendables flicks, but after digging around I found writing credits all the way back to 1973. Who knew!

Now, on to the review. When you see Jason Statham that usually means action flick. Well, no change here. It’s an action flick, but a pretty good one actually. It’s got something we haven’t see before, Statham playing a father role. By no means is this some deep flick of a man growing as a father. Statham is a caring dad trying to take care of his kid when all hell breaks loose, with a really good playthrough.

The cast did a good job for the most part, you get some bad acting, but not a lot. It’s got a good mix of fight scenes (short but cool looking when they happen), some gun play and some pretty decent character development. Plus it was cool to see Winona Ryder play such a different role than I’m used to seeing her play.


Summary : It's a cool flick that's got good entertainment value, but worth the wait for it hit the rentals.

It's rated R for violence and language.




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