Jurassic World (2015)

jurassic-worldWould you go to an island to see live dinosaurs? In June 2015, I watched a film that would make me say “No thanks!”

Directing this 124 minute action/adventure/sci-fi is Colin Trevorrow.

Some of the cast is: Chris Pratt as Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, Nick Robinson as Zach, Ty Simpkins as Gray, Irrfan Khan as Simon Masrani, B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu and Vincent D’Onofrio as Hoskins.

22 years ago science brought back dinosaurs and made them a theme park attraction. Unfortunately, things didn’t end well with the park. Knowing what went wrong last time, precautions have been taken. So, things should be just fine this time as Simon Masrani opens the new park called Jurassic World, with a new breed of dinosaur. So, what could go wrong this time?

Back in 1990 Michael Crichton had a book published that was called Jurassic Park. Three years later a movie, based off the book, was made called Jurassic Park (1993) that was followed up by two more films The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001). 14 years later, we take off on another present day prehistoric based adventure.

Writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver found a way to make another sequel tie into the Jurassic Park franchise and… it was really good! Right off I have to say, even thought I really liked the film, story wise it was the same as the others with new bits. What I mean by that is, yet again we’re off to an island to see live dinosaurs that science has recreated and guess what… they got loose… again. Like I said, I really liked the movie, it’s just that I would like to see something different go down on how it all falls apart. Maybe an egg makes it’s way to like New York some how and, I don’t know, hatches down in the sewer, grows up and causes chaos. The pitch, “T-Rex has turned vegan and is looking to take a bite out of the Big Apple!” It’s a work in progress, but you get my point, something different. Other than that, I liked the story and they did a good job hooking this one together with the rest of the franchise. Where as some sequels get way off point and before long the only thing they share with the previous films is a name.


The playthrough was seriously entertaining and held my attention the entire time. It’s filled with awesome visuals, plenty of action, humor, a good script and a solid cast.

One of the many cool things about this flick was they used some animatronic dinosaurs, that were built by Legacy Effects, along with CGI effects. I thought the dinosaurs that Phil Tippett and Industrial Light and Magic created looked awesome. Come to find out, they used human actors and motion capturing to perform the dinosaurs movements. Not only were the effects great looking but so were the sets. From top to bottom everything about this flick looked amazing.

The cast did a great job and I thought Pratt’s addition to the cast was great.

Apparently, Chris Pratt confirmed that he’s signed on for some Jurassic sequels, how many isn’t known. So, it looks like this won’t be the last time we see him chasing some menacing raptors.

Summary : Is this flick worth your time and money to catch on the big screen? Yes, yes it is, and considering that Jurassic World has been breaking box office records since it came out, a lot of people seem to feel the same way about it.

It's rated PG-13 for violence and language.