Let’s Be Cops (2014)

lets-be-copsHave you ever gotten yourself wrapped up in something that you couldn’t figure out how to get out of? In August 2014, Justin thought it would be fun to play a cop… that was, until things got real.

Directing this 104 minute comedy is Luke Greenfield.

Some of the cast is: Damon Waynes Jr. as Justin, Jake Johnson as Ryan, Rob Riggle as Segars, Nina Dobrev as Josie, James D’Arcy as Mossi, Andy Garcia Brolin and Joshua Ormond as Little Joey.

Justin and Jake are going to a costume party, at least that’s what Justin thought they were doing. Apparently, Jake misunderstood the invite, and Justin didn’t find out about it until after it was too late. Now the guys are standing in the middle of the party dressed up… as cops. After the party, the guys are on their way home and start to notice all the attention they’re getting from people that think these two guys are real cops. Thinking hey, why not, the guys decide to have a little fun and grab a few laughs. Problems arise when they keep going out to have a few laughs. Then things get weird when Jake starts liking his new “job” a little too much and begins really getting into it. Meanwhile, Justin has found himself caught up in a lie with the girl he really likes. Not that any of this couldn’t be fixed or straightened out, but before they know it, the guys are stuck in a game of cops and robbers… with real bad guys.

Writers Luke Greenfield and Nicholas Thomas came up with a story that could have been a really good comedy, but unfortunately it falls short. It has a lot of quick laughs and cheap thrills, but nothing of value or staying power. Not to mention, the storyline isn’t anything we’ve not seen before a bunch of times… but funnier.

The playthrough is pretty good and the pace moves steady but it’s the lack of funny that hurts this one. It has humor, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing knee slapping or constant enough to make it enjoyable.


Now, Daryn Okada’s work on the cinematography does make for some pretty cool scenes to enjoy. Really the biggest problem this one had is in so many spots the film gets so close to being good, then just before it hits a high spot it stops or takes a turn and misses out on an opportunity to be good.

As far as the cast goes, everyone does a good job. The pairing of Waynes Jr. and Johnson really helps the flick because they do a great job together. I will say, seeing Garcia pop up in this one was a cool surprise because I haven’t seen him in awhile. Only problem I had with Garcia showing up is that it was sad to watch him waste his talents on this one. Riggle was another good addition to the cast, and it was kind of cool to see a different kind of character for him. Usually it seems like Riggle takes the roles that dumb him down, but this time he’s a bit more serious and it suit him well.


Summary : This one falls into an average comedy because it had several chances to be good, and didn't take them. Yeah it's (kind of) funny, but nothing I couldn't have missed out on without feeling bad about it. If you're a Waynes Jr. fan and you really want to catch this one then I would wait till it hits the rentals. This really isn't one I would give my time or money to. Then again, I've watched worse because I was killing time. At least this one will make you laugh every now and then.

It's rated R for language and violence.