Movie Review: Lovelace

Have you ever done something in life you can’t live down? In August 2013, we saw what Linda couldn’t live down, but in the end she used it to help others.

Directing this 93 minute biography/drama is Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman.

Reliving the tale of Linda Lovelace is: Amanda Seyfried as Linda, Peter Sarsgaard as Chuck, Sharon Stone as Dorthy Borman, Robert Patrick as John Borman, Chris North as Anthony Romane, Bobby Cannavale as Butchie Peraino and Hank Azaria as Gerry Damiano.

Before anyone knew her, she was just Linda Borman. Then, something happened to her, and everyone came to know her as Linda Lovelace. After time spent in the porn industry, she became famous for her part in the
movie Deep Throat. In this telling of her life, we’ll be seeing her before her rise to fame. Along with some of the hardships she had to overcome (abuse, shame and violence), before she got out of the industry. Even what she did with that same fame, to help others in her situation.

Linda Lovelace, how accurate this film was I have no clue. I had heard of her and what she did, but that was it for my schooling. So, as just another movie, it was pretty good. I felt bad for the things she went through in life. Seyfried did a great job at pulling you in and connecting you to the role. Playthrough left me wanting something different however. They did some some jumping back and fourth timeline wise, and it didn’t play out smooth for me. I’ve seen better transitions, and this one broke the flow of the movie. Time period wise everything looked great and the cast did really good. Overall, if you know of Linda Lovelace and are curious, yeah go ahead and check it out. Otherwise, I can’t say you’re missing anything by not seeing it.

It’s rated R for language, violence, nudity and drug use.

2 stars for insight on someone’s life that didn’t really affect me afterwords.