Mother’s Day (2010)

When you’re scared and don’t know what to do, who do you call for help? In May 2010, Ike knew one person that could make everything better… dear ol’ mom.

Directing this 112 minute crime/drama/thriller/horror is Darren Lynn Bousman.

The cast is: Rebecca De Mornay as Natalie “Mother” Koffin, Patrick John Flueger as Izaak “Ike” Koffin, Warren Kloe as Addley Koffin, Deborah Ann Woll as Lydia Koffin, Matt O’Leary as Jonathan “Johnny” Koffin, Jaime King as Beth Sophapi, Frank Grillo as Daniel Sohapi, Shawn Ashmore as George Barnum, Lyriq Bent as Treshawn Jackson. With an appearence by Llyod Kaufman as Morgage Broker # 1.

The Koffin boys: Ike, Addley and Johnny, are on the run and trying to hide from the cops. So Ike makes the decision to take his brothers back home and figure out the rest when they get there. What Ike doesn’t know is the house the Koffin family once called home sweet home… isn’t their home anymore. Now the new home owners, Daniel and Beth, are having a party at their home and they’re about to get some uninvited guests. Quickly, things start to spin out of control even worse, and the brothers don’t know what to do, so they call mamma. Then Mother shows up to take care of her babies, and straighten things out.

With it being Mother’s Day I thought I’d throw out a special review for all the great moms out there. Since I didn’t know of any Mother’s Day movies I did a quick search and started down the list. Now, quite a bit of the titles were more “chick flicks” than mom day tributes, like Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), Heart Breakers (2001) or Terms of Endearment (1983). None of these titles (that I remember) had anything to do with Mother’s Day. Then, boom! there it was… Mother’s Day (2010), I finally hit the jackpot. So a-watching I went… and all of it I watched. That’s how I know that none of the movie had anything to do with Mother’s Day… I hate deceiving titles don’t you?

Apparently this is based on the Mother’s Day (1980) film that was co-written/directed by Charles Kaufman, brother to (the Troma famous) Llyod Kaufman. Now I’m not sure why the 2010 version is based off of the original, since this story differs a lot and it could have stood on it’s own with a different title. Like maybe… Family Reunion, or Mama’s coming home! Really, either of those would have worked. Now these two do share some stuff, like a mother that has raised her family with a twisted nature, few of the same (character) names and there’s a violent family. Other than that the 2010 version is a different story, that I liked.

Writer Scott Milam came up with a solid storyline, that has some twists along the way. Nothing new because we’ve all seen twisted families with their own set of morals. Yet, I liked how everything came together in the end. There’s a couple of different things going on during the story, but it all fits and flows together really well.

Now, it was really cool seeing De Mornay, cause, well, she’s always been cool. De Mornay plays a loving, caring mother… that has no problem putting bodies in the ground for her kids. I have to say, De Mornay played that character so well. Then again, she’s always played the characters that were “off their nut” well. Look at The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992), perfect example. Now as for the rest of the cast, everyone did a pretty good job. I thought Kole, Ashmore, Flueger and King did a great job with their characters. Other than that everyone else was just filler for the scene and to help amp up the drama.

It does get pretty violent during the movie, which brings the blood and reminds me. The special effects weren’t that bad, there’s not a lot but there’s a few scenes that I thought looked good.


Summary : Good cast, nice story and a pretty good playthrough. Even though it has nothing to do with Mother's Day, I'd still say it's worth the watch.

It's rated R for violence, language and gore.




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