Need For Speed (2014)

If you lost two years of your life, would you risk losing even more time for revenge? In March 2014, Tobey thought it was worth it.

Directing this 132 minute action/crime/drama/thriller is Scott Waugh.

Speeding through this one is: Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall, Imogen Poots as Julia Maddon, Dominic Cooper as Dino Brewster, Scott Mescudi as Benny, Rami Malek as Finn, Ramon Rodriguez as Joe Peck, Harrison Gilbertson as Little Pete, Michael Keaton as Monarch and Nick Chinlund as Officer Lejeune.

One race could make a huge difference his life, that’s what Tobey was looking at. One race, and a huge change… is exactly what Tobey got when that illiegal race landed him in prison. Two years later, Tobey is released from jail and looking to settle a score with an old rival of his named Dino. As luck would have it The De Leon, a underground race, will start in San Francisco in two days. This is one of those winner takes all kind of races, and Dino wants it all. There’s just enough time for Tobey to make it there and race against his old rival Dino. So it’s no surprise when word got out to stop Tobey from reaching the race.

So, here we have Need For Speed… the movie, which is based off of the popular video game series (which I’ve enjoyed playing) with the same name. When watching this film you’re going to see some sweet looking cars doing HIGH speeds, deathdefing car chases and of course, explosive wrecks. Notice I never mentioned anything about seeing a good storyline or great characters. A storyline like this one, about revenege, can make for a great movie, this just isn’t one of them. Instead, it’s all flash and no style.


The cast did an ok job at best, and some of that blame needs to rest on the shoulders of the script… some. I found myself watching a highspeed film, that was constestly stuck in low gear. Eventually, it would up shift long enough to give us an action scene (which looked really cool thanks to nice camera work) before grinding it back down to low gear again.

Some of the things that might draw people to the flick is seeing Scott Mescudi aka (rapper) Kid Cudi, Aaron Paul (best known for the tv show Breaking Bad), really fast cars and Michael Keaton. Ok, maybe not so much on that last one, but I stand by the first three. Which is why I would warn everyone, wait to catch this one in the comfort of your home. I will say the upside to this movie was that no CGI was used, just straight up real drivers behind the wheel. The cast actually received extensive lessons on driving, which I thought was pretty cool when I found that out. Yet, as cool as that was to find out, that doesn’t help the rest of the film.


Summary : Need For Speed... needed less speed and more power. As is, it's something that, like most flashy things, will eventually fade out and be forgotten.

It's rated PG-13 for language and violence.




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