Prisoners (2013)

What if someone took a loved one from you? How would you handle it, not knowing if they were alive… or dead? In September 2013, Keller didn’t know how to handle it either, then he figured out what he had to do.

Directing this 153 minute crime/drama/thriller is Denis Villeneuve.

Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, Maria Bello as Grace Dover, Jake Gyllenhall as Det. Loki, Terrence Howard as Franklin Birch, Viola Davis as Nancy Birch, Melissa Leo as Holly Jones, Dylan Minnette as Ralph Dover, Paul Dano as Alex Jones, Kyla Drew Simmions as Joy Birch, Erin Gerasimovich as Anna Dover, Zoe Borde as Eliza Birch and Wayne Duvall as Capt. Richard O’Malley.

While two families are hanging out having fun, tragedy strikes. The Dover and Birch’s little girls have gone missing. Things aren’t getting any better, with no new clues to their whereabouts. With no sign of the girls, time becomes critical the longer this goes on. After the police have searched and questioned everyone, no new leads have turned up. Just more questions and suspects. So, Keller decides he must do whatever needs to be done to find the girls. Even if it means doing the things no one else will do.

Scary, amazing and then even more scary. Yes it’s definitely a thriller/drama… and they did a great job covering those angles. Like a hostage I was held captive by this film, I couldn’t stop watching it. As a parent, I couldn’t help but see myself there. Howard and Jackman were awesome because you get two different takes on the situation. One, somewhat lost on what to do and the other filled with such rage. All the while, Gyllenhall must sort through this mess and deal with his building struggle as the case goes on. This was just a very real movie, you felt their pain. A lot of people say they’ll do whatever it takes, but this movie shows you what it’s like to carry that kind of burden.


Summary : A great job done by all involved and worth watching.

It's rated R for violence and language.




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