Movie Review: The Croods

Are the coming of age parenting troubles the same no matter what the time period? In March 2013, we found out… yes, yes they are.

Directing this 98 minute animation/adventure/comedy is Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders.

Bringing the voices to this animted cast is: Nicolas Cage as Grug, Catherine Keener as Ugga, Emma Stone as Eep, Ryan Reynolds as Guy, Clois Leachman as Gran, Clarke Duke as Thunk, Randy Thom as Sandy and Chris Sanders as Belt.

Being the last of the cavemen couldn’t be easy, especially trying to raise 3 kids in a world where everything tries to eat you. Eep the oldest daughter wants nothing more than to leave the safety of the cave and explore.
As if things weren’t hard enough, now enters Guy to catch the curious eye of Eep. Just like any father would do, Grug continues to keep the family safe, while proving no man is better or smarter than good old dad.
The voice cast did great. The animation was good and flowed smoothly. The story and playthrough, not so good. The humor was not great, funny but not the whole way through. Really that whole suspension of disbelief was my trouble spot. One minute they’re dumb cavemen, the next having in depth conversations about why kids should listen. If they don’t know what the little meaty things are at the end of their feet, then they really shouldn’t be tackling issues about prehistoric teen rebellion. Yeah I know… kids movie. How does a kid see a movie? The adult next to them that paid to get in. Both parties should enjoy the movie, not just the kids. So with all the kids movies out there, just calmly keep walking and hope your child doesn’t notice this one.

It’s rated PG for some scary action.

If you look around at my cave paintings you’ll see 1 star over this one.