Movie Review: The Factory

As a police officer, how do you know where the
professional line is when lives are on the line? In October 2012 an officer named Mike found his limit.

This crime/mystery/thriller was directed by Morgan O’Neill.

Making up the great cast of stars in this film, are: John Cusack as Mike, Sonya Walger as Shelley, Mae Whitman as Abby, Jennifer Carpenter as Delsey, and Dallas Roberts as Carl.

Mike is a police officer that’s working on finding some missing women. Now his daughter, Abby, is one of the missing. Can he still be profossial? His partner Kelsey is working double time trying to solve the case, and help Mike keep it together so that he doesn’t get himself fired. What’s happened to the women? Did
Abby run away or is she on the list with the other women? Too many questions and no suspects keep Mike’s world spinning off balance. The last thing he said to his daughter was “I’ll be there, now get out.” Will he get the chance to say something else to her, or will that be their last conversation?
This 108 minute flick does great at being a thriller, you’ll be chewing on your nails as the mystery gets deeper and deeper. The cast did great work with a good script, and the story will keep you guessing. I sometimes forget just how good John Cuscak is as an actor, this movie reminded me.  The camera work was shot a little dark, which adds to the creepy feeling as you watch everything go down in the movie. The twists and turns made for a good, mysterious joyride of entertainment.

It does carry an R rating for violence, language, sexual content and disturbing images.

The movie may have kept me guessing, but rating it was a no brainier… 4 stars.

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TThe ending was completelz unbelievable and so weird it spoilt it for me
also John Cusack used to do better films.. before…

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