The Starving Games (2013)

Have you ever been digging through the comedy section for something good to watch and wound up picking the worst one possible? As of October 2013, I can say, join the club.

Directing this 83 minute comedy is Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

“Trying” to spoof us for entertainment is: Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot, Brant Daugherty as Dale, Cody Christian as Peter Malarkey, Lauren Bowles as Effoff, Diedrich Bader as President Snowballs, Theodus Crane as Cleaver Williams and Michael Hartson as Bob Hylox.

Kantmiss must compete in the 75th annual Starving Games. A televised event where your life is on the line every minute, and the competition is deadly. Spoofing the Hunger Games, each minute is filled with gags and jokes, linking up popular movie titles and stacking up the laughs.

From the creators of such flicks as: Vampires Suck, Disaster Movie and Epic Movie. They’ve tried again, making this spoof, or a comical attempt, off of the popular title The Hunger Games. Now, the movie is a little misleading because it’s genre is comedy, but I can’t say I found anything funny during the film. I’ve watched a lot of movies with jokes or gags that were in poor taste, crude humor and bad jokes. This one is filled with all of that, except on a extremely low brow level. That spot where instead of funny, it’s just down right annoying. Where they could have come up with better gags, they choose to throw in yet another reference to other popular titles (i.e. Harry Potter), then do nothing with it.

Other movies have made great parodies by throwing popular movie references in over and over with no problem, and making it funny, It’s called good writing – something this flick didn’t have. There’s no wit to the humor. If anything, it drops your I.Q. a few levels with childish fart jokes.

Given what they had to work with, the cast did a good job. Costumes and scenery were good looking. Script and playthrough was horrible. Upside, it’s a short watch, thankfully.


Summary : While watching this movie, it actually made me think up better ways I could be wasting my time. Like watching paint dry, seeing just how thin I could slice cheese (depending on the use... it matters) or even re-alphabetize my video games. What? All the cool kids do it these days. Either or, this one was a fail.

It's rated PG 13 for language and violence.