Movie Review: This is 40

Have you ever seen a movie so depressing it’s good? In December 2012 a film called This is 40 became another welcome addition to that list. This film was a spin off from a movie called Knocked Up. We follow Pete and Debbie from supporting casts to leading roles.

Director Judd Apatow gave us a deeper insight into the lives of Pete played by Paul Rudd and Debbie played by Leslie Mann. A married couple with kids, lives, work and the approaching age of 40.

Other faces you’ll see working in this comedy are Maude Apatow as Sadie, Iris Apatow as Charlotte and Megan Fox as Desi. With appearances from two people I’m always happy to see, Albert Brooks as Larry and John Lithgow as Oliver.

Life is hard, sometimes dirty, fun and beautiful. A true rollercoaster that the cast betrays wonderfully. This
story has sexual content, humor, language, brief nudity and drug use which gets it an R rating. Again, life is sometimes dirty, but the beautiful moments shine through this film over and over.

While watching this film, for some of us it will be the escape from normalcy like, any other movie filled with a great cast/script. Others of us will relate to the pressures of life, the way the family adapts to the changing times and the small victories, no matter how small, still count as a victory.

For 134 minutes I went on a up/down hill ride of enjoyment. Being shown that not everyone’s life is the same but we wind up fighting some of the same battles. As we continue to grow not only as individuals but with the people around us. Our relationships with friends and family are always changing due to the circumstances of life. How we change to adapt is what this movie brings to light, not a question how or even an answer but a surreal statement of… this is 40.

5 stars to a film that showed me that meltdowns and freakouts are ok… just breath.

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Just watched it Michael (^_^)

I like the script, the dialogues, the direction, the acting is good all around and it is good chick flick. Women would relate with all the banter between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann easily and wouldn't get bored with the entire length of the movie

I do have issues with the editing; they could've cut at least 20 minutes off; the entire Megan Fox scenes was purely eye candy which they don't need it. And for a 2 hour movie; the ending should be more poignant within the context of the beginning and middle but it seems like it was cut and paste like a reality tv show of the Osbournes for example. after 90 minutes I thought to myself; "when is this going to end," That's how i feel anyway.

However, like I said, it's has a strong script, witty, funny and delivered with precision by Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd who carried the entire show on their shoulder. And it helps that the movie has killer tracks from the Pixies and other notable 80's post punk underground scene.

I'd give it 4/5 if you're a guy dating a chick, 5/5 if you an actual chick. (^_^)