Troll Hunter (2010)

Do you believe in such things as ghosts, fairies, vampires or… trolls? In October 2010, three friends never thought trolls where real, that is until they were running for their lives from one.

Directing this 103 minute comedy/fantasy/horror is Andre Ovredal.

Some of the cast is: Otto Jespersen as Hans the trollhunter, Glenn Erland Tosterud as Thomas, Tomas Alf Larsen as Kalle, Johanna Morck as Johanna, Hans Morten Hansen as Finn and Urmila Berg-Domaas as Malica.

Collage students Thomas, Kalle and Johanna are on the trail of Hans, a suspected bear poacher. The students are working on a documentary about bear poachers, and want to interview Hans. After interviewing a few hunters at the scene of another illegal bear slaying, the film crew only find more questions than answers. Apparently, the crime scene didn’t look right to the hunters, almost fake. As the film crew is questioning Finn, head of the wild life board, he just dismisses it all and goes back to work. So, the crew decides one night to follow Hans in hopes to see what he’s up to. Unsure where in the woods Hans is, the crew wanders around a bit. That’s when they see flashes of light, followed by loud roaring… that’s moving towards them. Scared the crew, doesn’t know what to do. Luckily for them, they don’t have long to ponder that question before Hans comes running past them yelling “RUN!”. What would strike a man with such fear? Before they know it, the crew gets to see why they should’ve already been running.

It’s a found footage film, something I’m not really a fan of. Yet, I will admit, this one was awesome… there I said it. I found a found footage film I liked. Now, say that five times fast and see how it goes. Anyways, it’s a really a simple film where they use a lot of great looking locations, and center it around four people. Then, they blow it out of the water with the special effects because the trolls, they look amazing!

The storyline is very imaginative and has a great playthrough, that was written and directed by Ovredal (thumbs up to you dude). It’s a Norwegian film so be prepared for some sub-titles, in this case it’s worth the read. I’ve watched this one a few times already and just enjoy it again and again.

Fair warning, yeah it has a tag of horror, buuut, while the the trolls are freaking huge (and cool looking), you won’t find anything really scary here. Except the close calls the characters get when dodging or being attacked by the trolls.

Summary : Since it's a possibly unknown film in parts of the world, my concern is a solid movie like this one may escape the viewing pleasure of potential fans. Find this one, watch it and pass it on!

It's rated PG-13 for language and violence.