Profile of a Killer (2012)

We’ve all been there, that internal searching; trying to answer the question, “Who am I?” In November 2012, an individuals search lead him to some killer insight.

Directing this 108-minute thriller is Caspian Tredwell-Owen.

Some of the cast in this killer flick is Gabriele Angieri as Saul, Joey Pollari as David, Emily Fradenburgh as Rachel, Dustin Booth as Mike Bianchi, John Kunik as Bob Fassnacht and Chandra Michaels as Marianne Aitken.

When a few bodies are found, Saul, a retired FBI profiler is called in to help one more time. Little did he know he would get a chance for an up-close meeting to build his profile. Soon, everyone realizes
Saul’s missing, Rachel the FBI agent heading the case, is doing everything she can to find him and finally stop the killer.

This was a great flick that had some surprises here and there in the way they laid out the story, which is always enjoyable as a viewer. It’s nice to have something lean away from the norm. Now, the playthrough is a little slow in spots, but a really good script kept me entertained. Even though this person is running around killing people, you can’t help but feel for him, due to the nice work by Pollari. Special effects were really good and clean.

Summary : This is a thriller worth watching!

It's rated MA-15