Wolfcop (2014)

wolfcopHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you were being used by someone? In June 2014, Lou’s curse wasn’t so bad really, but the plan that someone else had in store for him was.

Directing this 79 minute comedy/horror is Lowell Dean.

Some of the cast is: Leo Fafard as Lou Garou/Wolfcop, Jonathan Cherry as Willie, Amy Matysio as Tina, Sarah Lind as Jessica, Aidan Devine as Chief, Jesse Moss as Gang Leader and Corinne Conley as Mayor Bradley.

Lou has a few problems in his life. He’s a cop that doesn’t exactly have the respect of the people he protects, and he likes to drink a little too much. Yet, that’s not the biggest problem he has to deal with. It seems that Lou has found himself on the wrong side of a curse and things are about to get… hairy. Lucky for the citizens of Woodhaven, man or beast, the badge still matters to Lou and he’s looking to take a bite out of crime.

I’m always looking for the next big werewolf film, and well… here’s what I found. A Canadian horror from writer/directer Lowell Dean, who takes a different direction than the other werewolf films .

I liked the story that writers Bannister Bergen and Lowell Dean came up with. You get a typical poor guy getting changed into a werewolf with a bit of a funny twist, he likes to drink. Now, this has B grade sown all through it, and it worked well for this one. The script isn’t grade A comedy kind of funny, it’s more like quick one liners and bad (but good) puns funny. The thing I didn’t like about the movie was that it was so short that everything happens without a real build up to it. Average Joe, holy crap I’m a werewolf, (not trying to spoil it for you) “then rest of the story”… the end. So you won’t find a lot of drama or personal growth in this one. Actually, you might even lose a few brain cells in the process… but it’s definitely worth the experience.


The playthrough was not only funny, but pretty entertaining as well. The cast did ok, but no one really stood out or anything. What makes this one so good is that it’s not a serious flick and they didn’t try to make it into one. Dean had a fun supernatural idea and boom, brought it to life.

As for the special effects, I thought Casey Markus, Wyatt Thorseth and Emersen Ziffle did a really good job. Not only did the werewolf look good, but the bloody messes he left behind while he was on the beat also turned out cool. I liked that they went with practical effects and clever camera work, by Peter La Rocque, over CGI. Then again, I’ll take real effects over CGI any day of the week. Is this film going to give An American Werewolf in London (1981) a run for it’s money? No way! Then again, I’ve never been a fan of the whole ripping the skin off during the transformation. Either way, this is definitely one of the better B grades I’ve seen in quite awhile.

Summary : I enjoyed this flick and I really dug the 80's style film feel it has. The only real complaint I have is I just wish it had a longer run time. A few things in the story could have been stretched out and would have made things even better. Other than that, I think you'll get a kick out of this one.

It's UR (unrated) but has language, violence and nudity.




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