Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Do you think all clowns are bad? In May 1988, we found out found out not all are bad, but some clowns are outta this world.
Directing this 88 minute comedy/horror/sci-fi is Stephen Chiodo.
Creating some killer laughs is Grant Cramer as Mike Tobacco, Suzanne Snyder as Debbie Stone, John Allen Nelson as Dave Hanson, John Vernon as Curtis Mooney, Christopher Titus as Bob McReed and Charles Chiodo as Klownzilla the King Klown.
A young couple finds a circus tent out in the middle of nowhere. What they find inside is no laughing matter. Their small town has been invaded by aliens that look like big twisted clowns. The only thing¬†funny about them is the way they kill. Why are they here? Cause they’re hungry, and we’re on the menu.
This is one of my favorite films. You have twisted looking alien invading clowns, circus-related ways to kill, a big top tent as a spaceship and a rocking 80’s soundtrack. To me, we’re talking about a cult classic flick here. After watching this one, you’ll see what all the laughs were about. Yeah, there’s some bad acting (ok a lot of bad acting), but funny special effects. Be prepared for more comedy than horror. It has some (kinda) scary stuff, but really the “killer klowns” are the only horror here. There’s enough cheese here to make a horde of mice happy for a while, and enough awesomeness to keep you entertained.

Summary : Killer space klowns, weird deaths and a lot of laughs is why you should give this one a watch.

It's rated PG 13 for violence and language.