An Hour To Kill (2018)

A few years back I got the chance to review a film called Dead Kansas (2013), which was co-written and directed by Aaron K. Carter. Well, Carter has a new film out, called An Hour To Kill (2018), and I got a chance to review it. Now, I thought I was sitting down to watch a movie about two hitmen that were killing time before a hit by telling each other stories. As it turns out, Carter used that to turn An Hour To Kill into an anthology, which was an awesome idea!

An Hour To Kill is an action/comedy/horror with. It was directed by Aaron K. Carter and a ninety-six-minute runtime. It was written by Ronnie Jimenez and Aaron K. Carter. It’s rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence. Here’s the what you’re getting into with the movie. Two hitmen, Gio and Frankie, have an hour to kill before their next hit. So, to pass the time, the guys tell some stories. Each story gets a little more bizarre than the last. In the end, who’s story will be the best?

Now, as I said, the main story is about the hitmen, but the other stories are called Valkyrie’s Bunker, Assacre (no, that’s not a type-o) and Hog Hunters. Valkyrie’s Bunker is about a group of girls going to find a stash of weed and end up coming face to face with a Nazi serial killer. Assacre is about a food eating prank that goes… horribly wrong. Hog Hunters covers four guys that are out to have a little fun and find more than they bargained for.

Now, like any anthology, not every story is great. I really didn’t like Valkyrie’s Bunker that much. Between the generic slasher storyline and off-screen kills, there just wasn’t much for me in that one. However, the other stories where cool. The hitmen part of the movie was probably my favorite to watch. It’s your typical odd couple match up, but the interaction between Guerrero and Pozos was fun. Assacre was funny but in a gross sort of way. Now, Hog Hunters… that one was messed up! Yet, to me, is the best of the short stories because of it’s unique and twisted story. Either way, you go, be it the comedy, action or horror segments, An Hour To Kill will entertain you.

The playthrough was good and it’s got a good pace that’ll keep your attention all the way till the credits hit. Speaking of which, when the credits start rolling stick around, the movie has a little bit more of the story to show you. Now, as far as the action goes, there are a few shootouts, but they’re over pretty quickly. Then again, if you’re a good enough hitman… all your shootouts should be over quick, right? No worries, there’s still plenty of other things going on in the film to keep you entertained.

Some of the cast is Mel Novak (Game Of Death), Frankie Pozos (LA 143), Aaron Guerrero (Dead Kansas), Amanda Rau (Living Among Us), Joe McQueen (Confessions Of A SuperHero), Brendan Mitchell (Dysmorphia), Gabriel Mercado (Killer Waves), Luna Meow (Things 4), Arash Dibazar (An Hour To Kill), Vince Kelvin (Alien Shadows) and Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary 3D).

First off, I have to warn you, the acting is not great, but that actually added some charm to the movie. Pozos and Guerrero worked really well together and I liked how they played off of each other. Pozos’s wild character was hilarious to see next to Guerrero’s calm calculated character. Now, I’ve heard of Dibazar and Kelvin, but I’ve never actually seen them act before. I gotta say I was impressed with them both. An Hour To Kill is only the second film either of them has done, but you wouldn’t know it by watching them.

The special effects are low budget and for a movie about death in every story, you barely see any blood or gore in it. Between off camera sound effects and his smart use of camera angles, Carter makes up for the need to use tons of bloody effects and uses his budget to make everything work to his advantage. I thought the make-up and special effects that Ken Nolls did look good.

Sidenote, An Hour To Kill is out this month (October 2018) on Amazon.

Summary : An Hour To Kill turned out to be a hidden gem of entertainment. So, if you get the chance, you should check it out.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence.