The Frozen Ground (2013)

If you had a chance to help catch a serial killer, would you? In August 2013, we watched as Cindy decided to either keep running or help catch a twisted killer.

Directing this 105 minute biography/crime/history/thriller is Scott Walker.

Some of the cast in this cold twisted tale is: Nicolas Cage as Jack Halcombe, Vanessa Hudgens as Cindy Paulson, John Cusack as Robert Hansen, Radha Mitchell as Allie Halcombe, Katherine LaNasa as Fran Hansen, Kevin Dunn as Lt. Bob Jent and Kurt Fuller as D.A. Pat Clives. With Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as Pimp Clate Johnson.

Alaskan trooper Jack Halcombe is trying to catch the individual responsible for the rape and murder of young girls. Jack knows who it is, but can’t prove it, which just continues the race of finding more dead girls, and always being right behind the killer. Then came Cindy Paulson, the only survivor of this sick sadistic killer. Just like the rest of the victims, she was put through hell by the hands of the killer. When she escaped, her life wasn’t the only thing she got away with, she also took the identity of the killer. With Cindy’s help, Jack could finally have a chance at winning this race and catching a killer.

This is based on actual events about the serial killer Robert Hansen, who became known for the murders he committed back in 1971 to 1983. The storyline, even as twisted as the subject matter is, was good. Scott Walker did a solid job not only directing but also writing this one.

Cusack really surprised me with playing a bad guy. As it turns out, he plays creepy well! The playthrough was good and the acting overall wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, the movie is pretty predictable, which takes away from the thriller part of the movie for me. Now, I still liked watching it, I found myself watching this more for the historical aspect. I had never heard of Robert Hansen so I was curious to see how all this played through.


Summary : The hands of suspense won't be pulling you to the edge of your seat. However, if you're into loosely based biographies about twisted souls, then check this one out.

It's rated R for nudity,violence, language and drug use.