Emily E. Bibb from Porcelain Presence

I was recently contacted by Emily E. Bibb, and had a chance to talk with her about her film project, Porcelain Presence.

This film project started with the first draft back in the summer of 2011, which was co-written by Emily E. Bibb, Chris Jay and Nicholas Mills. As any film maker knows, making a movie is never easy. Especially without backers there giving some much needed support to the film. A backer, for those of us who don’t know, is someone that provide financial or ther support to a film project. Knowing they didn’t have access to this kind of support, I had to ask how they’ve managed this far. Come to find out, the project has been self funded this whole time by Chris Jay and Emily E. Bibb.

Now, knowing about the funding hurdle they’ve had to overcome, I asked what others they may have encountered:
“Getting everyone together for shoots, as many of the cast work full time, as do me and Chris – so arranging shoots around everyone being free has been very tricky! I could seriously go on for ages with this, there have been lots of different challenges to overcome, but bizarrely enough, in their own weird little way each of these challenges has been a godsend (even though we haven’t thought this at the time each of these has happened haha) because it has allowed us to learn from them, and to better ourselves – and to overcome the challenge to make it better than it was originally going to be in the first place!”

Yet, after everything they’ve gone through and dealt with, their hard work has gotten them a film that is 85% completed, when we last talked. Plus, Emily was nice enough to share some links, film information and even a teaser trailer. So lets see what what they’ve been up to.

porcelainpresence-teaserposterThe film is called Porcelain Presence.

This psychological/thriller is directed by Emily E. Bibb and Chris Jay.

The cast is made up by: Renee Molloy as Sharon Williams, Carol Cummings as Penny Stevens, Anna Tarsh as Anna Darnell, Stuart Horobin as Brian Darnell, Toni Griffiths as Esther and Mitch Thornton as Daryl.

The following synopsis was provided by Porelain Presence.

“A terrified wife who is brutally beaten and tormented at the hands of her psychotic husband is forced to accept his haunted past by bearing his infatuation for porcelain dolls. Things start to take a turn for the worst when some meddlesome neighbors discover that hidden beyond the doors of their seemingly perfect home lie some unsettling secrets that they wish had never been unearthed. The repercussions that await them after a gruesome crime, leaves all parties reeling in ways you could never imagine”.

Here are a few links to find out even more about the film Porcelain Presence, and the people involved with it.

Official blog – www.porcelainpresence.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter – www.twitter.com/porcelainmovie
Facebook – www.facebook.com/porcelainmovie
IMBD – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2572090/