Craig Quits His Day Job (2016)

Back in February, I had the pleasure of screening a film called Kultur Shock! that starred Eric Paul Chapman. Well, Chapman is back with another film under his belt, but this time around he decided to step behind the camera. Chapman’s newest project is a comedy called Craig Quits His Day Job and it happens to be his first feature-length film. I have to say, I thought Chapman was good in front of the camera, but come to find out, he has some serious skills behind it as well. Now, the movie was released November 9th, 2016, but as of October 16th, 2017 you can find it on Amazon Prime.

Craig Quits His Day Job is a comedy that was written and directed by Eric Paul Chapman. It has an eighty-six-minute runtime and is rated NR (not rated) but has language. The story is about a man named Craig and how he decides to up and quit his dead-end job one day. That moment sparks Craig to start a journey to unite quitters all around the world. Unfortunately, not everyone is running to join Craig’s group, but he’ll get them there… maybe.

The story is about Craig and his adventure after he quits his job. After starting his quitter support group, Craig is constantly interacting with people and getting into all sorts of trouble. You kind of feel bad for Craig because he’s is a really nice guy but gets walked on, a lot, by people. Craig reminded me of the character Milton from Office Space (1990), but with a bit more backbone and nowhere near the stress point of setting fire to everything. Chapman filled the story with a wide variety of characters, a bunch of humor and some pretty witty writing.

The playthrough was interesting, but, to be truthful, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first. The comedy has some Napoleon Dynamite-ness to it, which I’m not really a fan of, but then as things got going and I started to really get into the movie and I was glad I gave it a chance.

Some of the cast you’ll see is Garret Titlebaum as Craig, Cindy Fernandez-Nixon as AnnaMaria, Chace Beck as Bing, Marie-Lou Nahhas as Nadia, Jerry Pietrala as Jerry, Terry McNavage as Winston, Jordan Streussnig as Grace,Todd Olseger as Dustin, Michael Sullivan as Klaus, Jackie Walker as Regina, Benjamin Sheeler as Old Man Dan and Eric Paul Chapman as J.D. I thought everyone did a good job, but a few people stood out and quickly became some of my favorites. Like Garret Titlebaum, Chace Beck, Benjamin Sheeler, and Michael Sullivan. Sheeler’s role in the movie is small, but he played his oddball character so well that he instantly made the list. Now, by all rights, I should not have liked Sullivan and Beck’s characters because of the way they treated Craig, but their delivery was awesome! I thought Garret Titlebaum was a solid choice for the lead role and the way he played the role was a perfect fit for the movie.

Summary : It's not going to be everyone's kind of movie, but I think it's worth giving it a shot to find out.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has language.