Elves (2018)

Uncork’d Entertainment has a new horror flick to pass the time with this Christmas. It’s called Elevs (2018) and is a sequel to The Elf (2017). For those that remember The Elf movie and (for some reason) liked it, then you’re in luck because Elves has more creepy killer elves and an even weirder story to get lost in.

Elves is a horror that was directed by Jamaal Burden and has a seventy-nine-minute runtime. It’s rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence. Here’s what the story is about. A deadly killer has been caught and it’s time to celebrate! Unfortunately, even with the killer caught, people are still dying. After someone finds an elf inside a magical box, an evil is released and it’s looking to cross some names off of the naughty list…

I’m still not sure where they were going with the storyline. It had something to do with the wise men that brought Jesus gifts when he was born. Somehow the gifts got turned into the seven deadly sins, which (somehow) took the form of the elves (?). Yeah, writing that makes it sound even weirder.

The story gives you just enough about the characters to know who they are, but not enough to get attached to them. So, when they die… I didn’t really care. Something that bugged me about the Elves story and maybe it was a budget issue, I don’t know. However, in the first film, The Elf, it ran around killing people. Here, people are possessed by the elves and they talk people into killing themselves or others. Yeah, it made for a good reason to morph peoples faces into something creepy looking but didn’t help the story.

Between the slow pace, weird storyline and weak kills, this one quickly had trouble holding my attention. As far as the weak kills. At one point someone is killed with a small Christmas tree. The killer used to tree to bash the victim in the head with it, but it looked more like they were trying to brush their hair. A couple of times they pasted up on a chance to do something cool with a kill and moved it off screen.

Some of the cast is Lisa May (The 13th Friday), Deanna Grace Congo (Dark Moon Rising), Stephanie Marie Baggett (The Fungus Among Us), Amy Jo Guthrie (The Elf) and Lily Martinez (Elves). It’s rare when I can’t find something nice to say about the cast, but the whole movie is filled with bad acting.

The effects were a hit and miss. For the most part, the CGI used to morph peoples faces looked good, but for kills looked bad. I will say, the make-up effects used looked good. The goriest things get in the movie we see someone get their throat slit. So you’ll see the red line across their throat and them gasp, but that’s as bad as things get.

Sidenote, Elves is set to hit VOD (video on demand) and DVD December 4th, 2018.

Summary : The only real horror about this one is knowing it exists.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence.