I started Back Seat Viewer back in 2013 and have been writting movie reviews ever since.
The reason I started BSV was because I love movies, but I love talking about them even
more. So, starting a review site seemed like the right thing to do.

Also, while I’ve been (slowly) building BSV, I’ve had the pleasure to write reviews for other sites. You can find even more of my reviews at BagoGames, Emerald Gore Society, Film Grouch and Gaming Historia. If you want to check out any of those reviews just head over to the Want More? section and you’ll find a link to them.

As I said, BSV is still a work in progress. There’s a bunch of projects in the works that I’m excited to get going, but as all things do, it’ll take time. So, bookmark the site and make easier to keep coming back to see what’s new.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to hop over to the contact section and drop me an email.

Thanks for stopping by, take care!