President Evil (2018)

If you’re breathing, then you know not only how the people of the U. S., but also the world feels about the current political situation. Not a lot of people have been happy since Donald Trump become the president of the United States. Everyone has been busy saying how they feel about either Trump or the political system as a whole, which is cool because we have to right to express ourselves. Speaking of expressing one’s feelings. There’ s a new movie that came out on Halloween called President Evil (2018), that does a lot… of expressing.

President Evil is a comedy that was directed by Richard Lowry and has an eighty-one-minute runtime. It was written by written by Richard Lowry and Gregory P. Wolk. It’s rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence. Here’s what the story is about. Days before the November mid-term elections, three young girls (a Muslim, Mexican, and Haitian) are stalked by a deranged killer dressed as the POTUS.



President Evil is a parody of John Carpenter’s famous horror movie Halloween (1978). Since it’s a parody, it has a ton more comedic moments, but Lowry was able to give the movie the same Halloween vibe. You have the masked killer, the doctor looking for him and victims for the killer to slowly walk after then overpower and kill. The whole story is a constant bust on Trump, but it’s also a platform for a ton of political views/opinions to be thrown at you. Also, if your a part of the Republican party, unless you have an easy going sense of humor, you will not like this movie. Now, going into this one, I knew the film was going to be a political piece, but I’m here to talk about movies, not where I stand with politics. So, I watched it to see how everything went down and to see if it was funny. The way they did the story was a fun idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much to laugh at. There were a few spots here and there, but that was about it.

The playthrough was ok, but it had trouble keeping my attention. Mainly, because most of the humor wasn’t funny and the pace of the movie was to slow. Between the kills, character introductions and political views, there wasn’t much fun about the parody and I wound up counting down the time until the credits hit.

Some of the cast is Some of the cast is Jose Rosete (The Walking Dead : Red Machete), Christian Hutcherson (Dark), Johanna Rae (Psychos), Sitara Attaie (President Evil), Lys Perez (Salamagan), Amber Boone (Trapped: Haitian Nights), Kyle Sing (Portunus) and Ryan Quinn Adams (The Dip Run). I thought the cast did a good job and I liked what they did with their characters.

The special effects were a weird hit and miss. The opening has a kill and the make-up looked bad, like really bad. Then later on in the film, the effects started looking better. The CGI that was used looked ok and actually added to the comedic feel of the movie.

Sidenote, President Evil was released on Halloween. So, if you wanna give this one a spin you can find it On Demand (Amazon and other platforms).

Summary : If you hate Trump, I guess you'll like this one. If you're looking for a funny horror flick, keep looking.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has language and violence.