Stage Fright (2014)

When all you’ve ever wanted to do was sing, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to do it on stage? In April 2014, Camila finally gets her chance to hit the stage, but it looks like she’ll have to fight off a little more than just stage fright.

Directing this 89 minute horror/musical is Jerome Sable.

Doing their part is: Allie MacDonald as Camila Swanson, Douglas Smith as Buddy Swanson, Minnie Driver as Kylie Swanson, Meat Loaf as Roger McCall, Brandon Uranowitz as Artie Getz, Kent Nolan as Joel Hopton, Ephraim Ellis as Sam Brownstein and Melanie Leishamn as Liz Silver.

Roger runs a musical theater camp, and every year the camp throws together a show. This year they’ve decided to do The Haunting of the Opera. The very play Camila’s mom did back in the day, which is why she wants to audition. Unfortunately, someone at the camp has a problem with the play, and is looking to make a killer performance of their own.

Going into this flick I didn’t know what I was getting into. It starts off really good, then about ten minutes in and I thought oh my god what crap am I watching! Sometimes you take the good with the bad, so I continued on with the flick. I’m so glad I did, this flick turned out to be freaking awesome!

It’s a musical horror… right? I didn’t think I was going to like it. Turns out it’s this cool mix of, well I’m not quite sure how to put it. It’s a musical with bloody kills, dashes of metal and sprinkles of… like Disneyish kind of moments. Yeah super weird but it fits so well. Apparently the director, Jerome Sable, also wrote the screenplay, co-wrote the music and lyrics with Eli Batalion. For his first feature length film, Sable did a killer job. By all rights none of this should fit together, but it works.

The storyline is your usual slasher flick, someone’s been wronged and looking to make things right. Now comes the playthrough, which is this sweet mix of how they bring the different kinds of music together. There are moments of 80’s high pitched metal that stand out but blend with cheesy ease and bring a little comedy to the flick. I’m not sure if that was Sable’s intention, but I couldn’t help but laugh here and there.

The cast was cool, and did a good job. Seeing Meat Loaf in a horror was a bit of a shocker but still good to see him these days.

Special effects aren’t the greatest but gets the job done, and I dug the costumes.

Now here’s a bit of a warning, yeah it’s tagged as a horror film, but not really scary. Yeah it’s a slasher film, but lite on the gore.

Side note, when looking for this flick it was released for VOD (video on demand) in April 2014, but will hit the theaters in May 2014.


Summary : It's a bit of a weird flick, but worth catching when you've got the time.

It's rated R for violence.