Movie Review: A Thousand Cuts

When you create something for the world, is there blood on your hands when someone gets hurt because of it? In January 2013, we got a chance to sit down and watch this argument play out.

Directing this 85 minute thriller is Charles Evered.

The cast of this flick is:Michael A. Newcomer as Lance, Michael O’Keefe as Frank and Olesya Rulin as Melanie.

Lance is a famous horror director that’s done very well since his first movie. He is having a huge party at his house and rubbing elbows with other high society Hollywood types when a power failure causes him to call
an end to the evening. After kicking everyone, out Lance just wants to relax and forget about the night, but a stranger has different plans for him. Tonight, Lance will learn, being rich and famous or not, our actions have consequences.

This had a really good story, and the playthrough was nice. It brings up that age old question of who bears the responsibility, the user or the creator? The sets were minimal, which lets you focus on the cast and the point of the movie. It’s not a great flick by any means, but the story makes for a great argument. It’s a short enough movie that you can enjoy, because they keep it simple and to the point. Which was a plus for me, given some movies tend to drive the point home and then become that guest that doesn’t know when to leave.

3 stars for a movie that makes you think and gives you something to talk about.

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