About Last Night (2014)

Do you look for love, or do you think love will find you? In February 2014, Danny found love, but then found out the hardest part was keeping it.

Directing this 100 minute comedy/romance is Steve Pink.

Some of the cast is: Michael Ealy as Danny, Kevin Hart as Bernie, Joy Bryant as Debbie, Regina Hall as Joan and Christopher McDonald as Casey McNeil.

Just getting out of a relationship, Danny wasn’t looking to start anything new, not any time soon anyway. Yet, sometimes what we don’t want turns out to be the best thing that could ever happen to us. Now enters Debbie, someone who wasn’t really looking for a relationship either, yet after meeting Danny things change pretty quick for the two. Together they found happiness, and in the beginning everything was peaceful and happy. Unfortunately, the struggles they find in life start to challenge their commitment to each other. So when times get hard and you need some advice, who else do you turn to but your best friends. Luckily, Bernie (Danny’s friend) and Joan (Debbie’s friend) always have plenty to say about relationships. Only problem, is Bernie and Joan might not be the best people to turn to for advice on love. Especially since Joan and Bernie met from a one night stand and are busy trying to figure out where they should go from there.

It’s hard to find a balance between comedy and romance, but for the most part, this one did pretty good. Really the only complaint I have is they could have gone a little deeper with the romance part of the storyline. Yeah you know the couple was having trouble and you could see it, but it lacked real depth. It couldn’t get to that last step to be a tear jerker when it really needed to. As far as the comedy, it was freaking hilarious! Hart and Hall had this amazing chemistry, and worked off of each other so well that at times I forgot they weren’t really the main couple we were supposed to focus on in the storyline. Ealy covered the romance part of the story by bringing his usual warmth and charm to the character. The script was good and had an entertaining playthrough.


Summary : It was a good movie that's worth the time. Money on the other hand... I would wait for it to hit the rentals. Yeah it's good, and really funny, but not worth ticket prices.

It's rated R for language.




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