Getaway (2013)

How fast could you move when someone you love is in danger? In August 2013, Brent is gonna have to put himself in danger to get someone out of it.

Directing this 90 minute action/crime is Courtney Solomon.

Speeding through this flick is: Ethan Hawke as Brent Magna, Selena Gomaez as The Kid, Bruce Payne as Distinguished Man, Rebecca Budig as Leanne and Jon Voight as The Voice.

Brent, a former race-car driver, has come out of retirement for one more race. This time the prize is more valuable then ever before. A mysterious voice informs Brent that his wife is being held captive and to get her back, do everything he says. The car he will need for this challenging course happens to belong to someone else, and that young lady doesn’t want to give up her car. Now, Brent and the Kid, must race through the city streets not missing a single beat of what the voice wants done.

This had some cool scenes of barreling down city streets, with some tense corners here and there. The storyline was short and sweet, do as I say and drive. Still, the playthrough of the mystery was what held my attention. I actually wanted to find out who and what was going on. That was really all that caught me, the rest of it not so entertaining. The script was ok, but two people trapped in a car for almost the length of this film, not enough going on to make this a thrilling enough ride to wanna sit in on.



Summary : If you like fast and boring... then here you go.

It's rated PG 13 for violence and language.




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