Grabbers (2012)

Would you drink alcohol to survive? In August 2012, a small town had to tie one on if they wanted to see tomorrow.

Directing this 94 minute comedy/horror/sci-fi/thriller is Jon Wright.

Grabbing a pint in this flick is: Richard Coyle as Garda Ciaran O’Shea, Ruth Bradley as Garda Lias Nolan, Russell Tovey as Dr. Adam Smith, Lalor Roddy as Paddy Barrett and David Pearse as Brian Maher.

It started with finding mutilated whales on the shore of a little Irish island. What came next was something nobody had ever seen before. After finding a specimen to study, Dr. Smith realizes this blood sucking creature has a intolerance to alcohol. So, what else is there to do when you’re stuck on an island that’s being attacked by some unknown deadly creature? Pull up a stool at the pub and have a pint or two… or three.

This flick was great to watch and had some good special effects. Yes, the movie’s focus is drinking to stave off some blood sucking thing, but the playthrough is more than just a bunch of people staggering around talking drunk gibberish. Not that you won’t find… people staggering around talking drunk gibberish. There is a lot of drinking involved. Yet, before I lose you! It’s in a very comical way, which showed a solid script from the writer Kevin Lehane.


Summary : It's highly entertaining with a cast that did a really good job.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has violence, gore and language.