Movie Review: Hell Baby

You move into your new place and find out it’s haunted. Do you stay or run like a bat outta hell? In July 2013, Jack and Vanessa weren’t so worried, so they stayed. Which worked in our favor, because the delivery was awesome.

Directing this 98 minute comedy/horror is Robet Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon.

Some of the cast in this hellish predicament is: Leslie Bibb as Vanessa, Rob Corddry as Jack, Keegon Michael Kay as F’Resnel, Paul Scheer as Ron, Rob Huebel as Mickey, Robert Ben Grant as Father Sebastian, Thomas Lennon as Father Padrigo and Riki Lindhome as Marjorie.

Jack and Vanessa are expecting their first baby, and just moved into a new house. Unbeknownst to the
couple, they now live in the most haunted house in New Orleans. Not even fully settled in, and strange things are already happening. Then, Jack notices Vanessa is acting weird, but she says it’s ok “it’s just because of the baby”. Now, enter two priests, Father Padrigo and Father Sebastian, from the Vatican who wish to help rid them of this evil.

This was a hilarious movie, with a good script and great playthrough. I’m not a big fan of Corddry, but he was awesome in this flick. What really amazed me was that the cast came from two popular television shows, Reno 911 and Children’s Hospital (two shows I can’t stand), but they pulled off a hit movie with this one. It held my attention and kept me laughing the entire time. The special effects where not high dollar, but fit perfectly in the film.

It’s rated R for nudity and violence.

4 stars! Yeah they may have spawned a hell baby… but it was a cute one.