The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (2013)

Is it so bad to want to find true love? In October 2013, we watched as Penny went through a couple of dates to find the right guy.

Directing this 101 minute horror is Leigh Scott.

The frightful cast is: Eliza Swenson as Penny Dreadful, Collin Galyean as Ned/Jerry, Dillon Geyselaers as Wolfboy, Tyler Hollinger as Husband, Elizabeth Masucci as Wife, Samantha Soule as Alice, Lucky Gretzinger as Charlie, Ramona Malory as Jez, Jason Griffith as Clive, Josh Hammond as Ron, Benjamin Kanes as Jack, Brandon Stacy as Jimmy, Alexis Lacono as Nancy, Devanny Pinn as June, Eliza Swenson as Betty, Barry Ratcliffe as Billy Jack, Liz Doughlas as Mom, Al Snow as Cody, Jeffery Combs as Brady, Kristina Page as Candy, Nicholas Theodoseau as Rusty and Sid Haig.

Penny is looking for true love’s kiss, so she’s arranged a few dates to come over to her place. Since Penny loves movies, she’s going to treat her dates to some free flicks while she finds out if one of these lucky guys is mister right. Have no fear though, while Penny is on her search she’s not alone. Keeping her company is her two best friends, Ned the zombie and Wolfboy. So if Penny can’t find mister right, at least everyone is going to enjoy a movie or two.

For anyone that’s read my reviews regularly, you know I’m a big fan of anthologies. So of course I had to jump on this one and give it a spin, and I’m glad I did. It turns out that this flick is yes a horror, but a fun one. It’s lite, campy and, yeah, a little cheesy. Yet, all of that added up in a good way and made a flick I enjoyed watching.

Now, most of he cast did a really good job. Not all of them, but hey, nothing’s perfect right? I think Combs had way too much fun with his character in the Slather House segment, but I was really surprised by Al Snow (WWE wrestler from back in the day), he did really well with his character. I gotta say the work that Swenson does is truly great, she brings to life a fun loving… dangerous character that you can’t help but dig on.

Now, like all anthologies, you get the good with the bad. As a whole I thought the flick was funny and I was really entertained by it. Sadly, as you break it down, the segments don’t do so well on their own. Jack in the Box, is the first segment after we’re introduced to Penny and her friends. It’s not long enough to really do anything on it’s own but does add something to the rest of the film. Next up is The Morning After, now this one can definitely stand on it’s own and is a pretty decent story with a slow but good playthrough. Last one up is The Slaughter House, which was written and Directed by Leigh Scott. Here they went for more of an old school feel that reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the story and playthrough.

The whole flick is a low budget production, but that was part of the charm for me. Between the work that Regina Amato did with the costume designs and Krystal Phillips’s make-up effects, I thought everything looked good and kept a light/fun feel to it. Also the original score that Eliza Swenson threw together was a great addition to the film. Yeah Swenson’s all over the place in this flick, she’s acting, writing, directing and doing the music.

If you watched the trailer then you saw the clip from Nick Everhart about the boy scout troop, called The Scout. Here’s a kicker about that. If you watch the movie through online streaming… you won’t see the The Scout segment. It’s a DVD bonus. Yet there’s hope for anyone who wants to see it. Apparently Origin Releasing made it available on YouTube, and I watched it (as of 4/26/14), and it’s still up to be viewed. It’s ok and I think it would have been cool to see it in the movie, but on it’s own I can’t say it was anything grand really.


Summary : It's a fun little horror anthology that's worth checking out.

It's rated R for violence and language.