The Revenant (2012)

If you lost your best friend, how would you react if they came back? In August 2012, it took Joey a second to deal, but even when you’re dead, a friend is still a friend. Right?

Directing this 117 minute comedy/horror is D. Kerry Prior.

Some of the reanimated cast is: David Anders as Bart Gregory, Chris Wylde as Joey Luebner, Louise Griffths as Janet, Jacy King as Mathilda.

After the death of Second Lieutenant Bart Gregory, a solider makes his final journey home from Iraq, to find rest. Unfortunately, rest is the last thing Bart will find after returning home. Bart and Joey, bestfriends in life, are reunited by some rather bizarre circumstances… Bart has come back from the dead! This new un-life seems to have left Bart with a craving, and it’s something he won’t find on the shelves at the local grocery store. One night while the boys are out, a gunman tries to rob them. After Bart feeds his hunger, the guys realize their new calling. It’s time to take a bite outta crime!

First thing this movie brought me was a curiosity about what the word revenant meant. Not knowing, I had to look it up. So, a revenant is a ghost or animated corpse. Right off I learned something new. Next thing I got from this flick was some serious laughs.

I dug the story, it has a little different of a playthrough than some of the other zombie movies. It has some cheesy special effects, but some seriously good ones also. It’s filled with crude humor, blood and gore. So for some this may not be a movie for you, for others, yeah you’ll get a kick out of this one.

The cast did a great job and the whole thing is just one big laugh to be had.


Summary : If you like zombies, you'll wanna dig this one up and check it out.

It's rated R for nudity, language, gore and violence.




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