Welcome to the Jungle (2014)

Do you have an inner beast waiting for that right moment to be unleashed? In February 2014, Chris didn’t realize his meek demeanor housed such a beast, until he was finally pushed too far.

Directing this 95 minute comedy is Rob Meltzer.

Some of the jungle crazy cast is: Adam Brody as Chris, Eric Edelstein as Jared, Megan Boone as Lisa, Rob Huebel as Phil, Kristen Schaal as Brenda, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Storm, Aaron Takahashi as Troy and Dennis Haysbert as Dennis.

It seemed like just any other day at the office for Chris. He works hard, gets pushed around by Phil (his supervisor) and watches opportunity pass him by without saying a word. Except today there is an office meeting and no one seems to know what it’s about. During the meeting the boss delivered the news that everyone (except the boss) just won a two day/two night retreat, for the mandatory “wilderness seminar” (team building exercise). After meeting their instructor, an ex-marine named Storm, the group isn’t getting excited about the seminar. So everyone hops on the plane and before they know it they land on the deserted island that the seminar is being held at. Unfortunately, things go down hill fast after the death of the (only) pilot and the disappearance of Storm. Scared and stranded on this beautiful island, now comes the time that not only everyone’s courage is tested, but their strength as well. Does Chris have what it takes to take care of the group, or will Phil push him out of the way (yet again) and rise to the occasion?

Ok, so when I saw the cover for the film I don’t really know what to think. First you see Van Damme looking all, Van Dammed with a machete in hand pointing at you as if to let you know “You’re next!” Then you see an odd bunch of people spread out behind him looking like some sort of Survivor Island rejects, I’d call the episode… The Unknown Tribe vs. The Cubicles? So, I prepared myself for the worst at this point and began watching the movie. To my surprise, I liked it quite a bit. It turned out to be pretty entertaining.

The storyline was good and had a nice script. It had a cool playthrough. The cast starred a few people that are not my favorite to watch in a movie (Brody and Edelstein), but with that being said, everyone (yeah even those two guys) did really good. Also, we get to see a different side of Van Damme than we are used to watching. Will you see him take down an army? Or will he win the tournament to regain honor? NO! Here VD… (yeah think I stick with calling him by name) Van Damme gives us a more comical/fun side, which I have to say I got a kick out of watching (punny!). It’s an odd funny and could even be called a low brow humor, but not constant fart gags low brow.


Summary : I'd say it's worth checking out, and if nothing else, it may make you think twice before going on any of those team building retreats.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has language, nudity and violence.