Free Birds (2013)

Who doesn’t enjoy Thanksgiving? The food, getting together with people… the food. In November 2013, we found out if you’re on the menu, Thanksgiving is a little harder to enjoy.

Directing this 91 minute animation/comedy/adventure/family is Jimmy Hayward.

Adding their voices to the flock is: Owen Wilson as Reggie, Woody Harrelson as Jake, Amy Poehler as Jenny, George Takei as S.T.E.V.E., Colm Meaney as Myles Standish, Keith David as Chief Broadbeak and Dan Fogler as Governor Bradford.

Reggie tried to warn his fellow feathered friends of the coming doom: Thanksgiving! Yet, when the time comes, Reggie is spared by the annual Presidential pardon. Who knew life could be so good because now, Reggie is living like a gobbling king with T.V., pizza and no stress. That is, until Jake shows up and topples Reggie’s new found kingdom. It seems that Jake was sent on a mission to save all of turkey kind by the Great Turkey. Jake was also told to find Reggie, since he’s a part of this historical mission. Now, Jake and Reggie must travel back in time to the very first Thanksgiving and stop it where it all started. After grabbing a time machine the pair are off to 1621. Once there, Reggie and Jake find out they are not the only birds with a mission. At first, Reggie was rather reluctant to go with Jake, but after meeting Jenny, things aren’t looking so bad… yet.

Well here’s a Thanksgiving themed film for the kids. You’ve got talking turkeys, wacky antics, and… well nice animation. The storyline was ok. It had an idea, that was matched by the playthrough. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for either. Really, I just didn’t care for the script. It was bad jokes followed by over played jokes that became less funny (if that was possible) as time went on.

The casting was cool, but it didn’t even sound like they had their hearts in the film. One cool thing I liked was hearing George Takei, he’s just too cool for school, and should have been too cool for this movie. We all make mistakes I guess. I admit I made one. I reviewed this one by myself. At least if my kid was with me it wouldn’t have been a total loss, she would’ve liked it. Because the kids will get a kick out of it. It’s talking turkeys trying to stop Thanksgiving. An idea that could’ve been really good.


Summary : For the sake of the adults having to sit through it, wait till you can rent it and are able to leave the room while it's on.

It's rated PG.