Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

trick-r-treatDo you hand out candy during Halloween? Or do you try to scare off the kids? In December 2007, we saw a few reasons why it was better to give out treats, because Sam has a few scary tricks up his sleeve.

Directing this 82 minute comedy/horror/thriller is Michael Dougherty.

Our trick or treating cast is: Dylan Baker as Steven, Leslie Bibb as Emma, Tahmoh Penikett as Henry, Lauren Lee Smith as Danielle, Anna Paquin as Laurie, Britt McKillip as Macy, Quinn Lord as Sam/Peeping Tommy and Brian Cox as Mr. Kreeg.

Four different stories all come together on one night, Halloween. A small looking child with a burlap sack on his head named Sam goes trick or treating and crosses paths with each of the stories. Like an individual that learns a valuable lesson on why you don’t blow out the pumpkin candle before midnight. The young lady looking for her Mr. Right, and hoping she will find him as she heads to a party to meet up with her sister. An old hermit who has some special visitors stop by to trick or treat, and catch up on lost time. Meanwhile, a little prank for some kids has a scary out come. Lastly, a principle has some secrets to bury, in his backyard.


I really dig on this movie because of the multiple stories. They seamlessly cross over and intertwine with each other beautifully, making one awesome movie as a whole. The script was very cool, and the playthrough great. The special effects were good and add to the overall look of the flick. You’re not looking at a bunch of green screens and CGI here, just a lot of hard work from the effects department that paid off. Little Sam has become one of my favorite characters. The cast does a great job here and for a 2007 movie, it’s kinda cool because you see some faces that were not as popular yet that are big now. This is one of my favorite Halloween must sees.

Summary : This flick not only entertains us, but also gives us a kindly reminder... always check your candy boys and girls.

It's rated R for violence, language, and nudity.