Whats up horror fans? I’m here to bring you a new little series of posts, an insight into the mad and mental stuff I end up watching in my non-show related spare time called “Johnny Deadly’s Vault Of The Unknown (Maybe)”. They will probably be heavily horror based as I watch a whole lot of horror movies but will not be exclusively horror just whatever mad shit I come across each week that you may not have seen. This one’s about a horror movie called, Sunset Society.

:japanese_ogre:WARNING THERE WILL BE SPOILERS:japanese_ogre:

With that all being said let me welcome you to the Sunset Society. A vampire tale of lust, obsession, collusion and heavy metal… And wicked animation.

Released this year and directed by Phoebe Dollar and Rolfe Kamefsky. Sunset Society is about a secret organization in Hollywood where debauched parties are held and the rockstar elite gather to spill blood of the somewhat innocent freely!

The organization is headed by the badass and metal as f**k head vampire Ace (Lemmy from Motorhead) who likes to keep the party rolling, the blood flowing and the profile low key. That final rule is where a bulk of the main conflict in the story derives from. I say bulk as there are several moving parts to this story running simultaneously and whatever I may say in regards to this movie later on Sunset Society has one thing going for it. It’s like an onion and there are many layers to this movie.

The story revolves around three primary story arcs which lend to somewhat of an anthology vibe off Sunset Society but yet I’m hesitant to say it is an actual anthology as the stories all run like a normal movie. The main story revolves around Mr.Cross (Robert Donovan {discount Bryan Cranston}) and his vampire henchmen breaking into the mansion of Charlie (Ben Stobber) a spineless little vampire and the strong-willed Sophia (Phoebe Dollar) to torture them to find this special video Sophia has shot containing a plethora of vampire secrets. Some witty dialogue and some graphic persuasion later and we are treated to a screening of Sophia’s tell-all video love letter to their leader Ace.

Once the movie starts the full background story of the Sunset Society and all or it’s characters. One of the main stories revolves around Dagger (Dizzy Reed Guns n Roses) who had the most interesting storylines as a vampire sick of being a vampire and looking to inhabit a human body so he can experience the luxuries of human life. To which he soon realizes sucks ass and wants back to being a vampire asap. I thought that this was hilarious and very refreshing as the tale of the depressed vampire sick of the undead life, pining to be human has been told a thousand time and to see it come to fruition coupled with Daggar’s reaction was great and I felt quite true to “real life”.

The second story follows Gage (Tracii Guns L.A Guns) who is a grade A Fuck up with an uncontrollable lust for blood. The main plot of this revolves around the many consequences that spur from Gage’s numerous infractions against the Sunset Society rules. number one and most paramount going against the keep g it low key by being videotaped by one of us mortal folk feeding on someone in the middle of the street, pretty much open for anyone to see. This also introduces Frankie (Ron Jeremy) tasked with closing down the operations of the poor schmuck that filmed Gage. We are even treated to a guest appearance from none other than Steve-O.

:bulb:Johnny’s Final Thoughts :bulb:

So, I’m sure many of you are thinking while looking at the heavily rock band influenced cast “I didn’t think they could act” and regretfully this is one of the major downfalls of the movie. I hate to say but metal elite or not if you can’t act, you can’t act. Lemmy, unfortunately, may have run the strip for numerous years in the real world, his laid back and at times baffling leadership logic did not make the dominating, fear-inducing vampire master he was trying to portray.

My other main issue I somewhat mentioned earlier was there was this anthology feel to the movie even though it was a continuous storyline in my opinion. A lot of this problem comes down to the way the story is told where there was changing between certain scenes that there was no fluidity to it was very chop and change editing. I feel as if there was never a fully developed overall story that tied the other story arcs together which lent to this anthology feel. There also wasn’t a lot of imagination when it came to the cinematography with a mostly tripod shots for the majority of the pieces.

I will say that the gore and practical effects in this were freaking awesome, very well done and enjoyable to see. One which is early on in the movie is so freaking awesome that my posse I watched this agreed that regardless of how the rest of the movie went it was in a winner in our book. As you can imagine the music was totally on point with so many legends of rock involved in the project.

So with all of that off my chest what did, I think of the movie. I have to say the regardless of what gripes I had watching this I did overall find it an enjoyable experience. I will say a lot of this is due to the amazing list of cast members which does lend some extra credibility to this and for sentiment’s sake kicks Sunset Society up from being an alright B movie into a class slightly higher.

I would recommend this to any metal fan as you will get a total kick out of watching this.

I found this movie on YouTube for a well worth it €5 link below

Sunset Society Rating: ??