Urban Hymn (2017)

What do you do when past decisions come back to haunt you? In May 2017, If Jamie is going to have a future… she’ll have to deal with her past.

Directing this 114-minute crime/drama is Michael Caton-Jones.

Some of the cast is: Shirley Henderson as Kate Linton, Letitia Wright as Jamie Harrison, Isabella Laughland as Leanne Dixon, Steven Mackintosh as David Linton and Ian Hart as Ian Wilson.

Jamie’s life has always been a bit unstable, but the one constant has been her love of music and singing. Kate, Jaime’s new social worker, urges Jaime to use her amazing voice and possibly change her life. Unfortunately, past troubles may stop Jamie from pressuring her newfound dreams.

The story that Nich Moorcroft came up with is a British coming of age story. I think what I liked most about the story is the feel of realism Moorcroft was able to give it. The movie has a great script that doesn’t waste a second and makes every word count in telling an inspiring and sometimes heart wrenching story.

It has a great playthrough. The opening, which is based on the 2011 London riots, grabs your attention and then as the story takes off, you hooked. I liked the pace, it has a good even flow from beginning to end. I will warn you, at times the story is hard to watch. You can’t help but get attached to the characters and feel for them as they go through their struggles.

I thought the whole cast did a good job and Wright was a great choice for the lead. However, I also have to give a quick shout out to Laughland and Henderson for the work they did with their characters. Laughland and Henderson’s characters have this constant tug of war with Wright’s character and the chemistry between the three of them really sold the story.

Another thing that this one has going for is the music. You’re treated to some great sounds throughout the whole movie.


Summary : If you haven't seen this one... you need to!

It's rated NR (not rated) but has language and violence.