We Make Movies (2016)

So, I had the opportunity to review a film called We Make Movies. After watching the movie there was some footage of the cast working on We Make Movies and personal footage and they all seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. The footage also gives some insight on how long Tory has had a love for making films. So, I decided to look into Matt Tory and come to find out, We Make Movies is his second full-length film, The Family (2013) being his first. If nothing else, I’d say Tory has a serious love for film and so do his friends, which is pretty cool. I think we need more people like them in the industry.

We Make Movies is a comedy that was written and directed by Matt Tory. It has a hundred and eleven-minute runtime and is rated UR (unrated). Here’s what it’s about. Not a lot of people realize all the hard work that goes into making a movie and thanks to, local independent filmmaker, Stevphen Bixby’s new film project we get to watch as history is being made. The film chronicles the ups and downs of movie magic as Bixby works on his film. We see the struggles of perfecting the script, finding the right cast and capturing it all on film. If everything works out, Bixby’s masterpiece will be done and ready to show at his hometown Film Festival.

First off I’m going to give everyone a heads up on this one because I don’t think people will give it a fair chance. At first glance, you can tell it’s seriously low budget, but that’s the whole stick behind the story. It’s super corny and full of cheesiness and for me, that’s what made it fun to watch. The story that Matt Tory came up with is a fun behind the scenes film about making a movie. Tory fills the film with humor, tons of movie references and a mix of interesting characters.

The playthrough was a bit slow for me, but it never lost my attention. I dug watching all of the behind the scenes things films have to deal with. Like doing special effects with limited funds, cranky cast members, and script rewrites. All of these things are real problems when making a movie, but Troy’s fun spin on real-life stressors made for some really good entertainment.

Some of the cast is Matt Tory (The Family), Jordan Hopewell (To The Moon), Jonathan Holmes (We Make Movies), Zack Slort (Out of the Blue), Anne Crockett (The Family). I have to give it to the cast, I thought they did a pretty good job. I thought at first the cast was full of bad actors, but as the movie keeps going you realize how good the cast really is at playing their odd and overblown characters.

Summary : Overall, it's a film some people might glance at and pass on watching it, but I think it's worth checking out if you've got the time.

It's rated UR (unrated).