Comet TV September 2018 Airing Schedule

Comet TV has so many cool things in September! Comet TV is the new home of the cult classic Space: 1999 and there are Godzilla double features, Dr. Who and more! Plus, we can’t forget the action network CHARGE! There is a Rocky marathon featuring the classic film series all month long!

Space: 1999 (series)
Space: 1999 officially crash landed on COMET! The residents of Moonbase Alpha were just minding their own business when the nuclear waste stored there suddenly exploded, causing the moon to hurtle into space. After passing through a black hole and a couple random “Space Warps,” you begin to wonder, is there a mysterious force guiding them?

Godzilla Double Features
Godzilla wanted to move to Saturdays. We said OK! Through September, catch the mega monster films that rocked the planet and featured Godzilla going head to head with his infamous foes. Destruction begins Saturday, September 8 with Rebirth of Mothra and Rebirth of Mothra II.

Q (1982)
Aztec Gods? Female Lizards? And a takeover of New York’s famed Chrysler Building? What’s a New Yorker to do? Rely on a criminal who has dreams of being a jazz pianist to find the creature’s lair and blackmail the city for directions! What, those aren’t on the subway map?

Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
Dr. Who heads to the big screen and in color! After accidentally being transported to another planet Dr. Who and his friends come across a vial of drugs and head to a nearby city to investigate and find the missing components of their Tardis. Say no to drugs kids! They come across the Daleks who take the components all while the good Doctor and his group suffer from radiation sickness! What can cure them? The mystery drugs they found… But an evil Dalek plot threatens the group and everyone who opposes the evil cyborgs!

Dr. Who: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966)
Peter Cushing stars in the role of Dr. Who and he discovers, after traveling to the future, that the Daleks have taken over the Earth! A band of resistance fighters are trying to stop the attack but everyone is brainwashed!

Rocky Double Features
Catch up on Rocky I-V all month in September on CHARGE! There’s a double dose of boxing goodness every Thursday. Watch the blood, sweat, and tears as Rocky battle foe after foe and continually forges on against all odds! He clearly has the Eye of the Tiger! Get pumped and watch the first five films in the Rocky saga and relive all the action, guts and glory!

Space: 1999 (series)
Back-to-back Episodes
Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10/9 C.

Godzilla Double Features
Saturday, September 8th at 2/1 C
Saturday, September 15, 22 and 29th at 1/Noon C

9/8 at 2/1 C
Rebirth of Mothra (1996)
Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)

9/15 at 1/Noon C
Godzilla VS. SpaceGodzilla (1994)
Godzilla VS. Megaguirus: The G Annihilation Strategy (2003)

9/22 at 1/Noon C
Godzilla VS. King Ghidorah (1991)
Godzilla VS. Destoroyah (1995)

9/29 at 1/Noon C
Godzilla VS. Mothra (1992)
Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack (2001)

Q (1982)
Friday, September 7th at 8/7 C
Sunday, September 9th at 8/7 C
Wednesday, September 12th at 4/3 C

Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
Sunday, September 9th at Noon/11 C
Wednesday, September 12th at 10/9am C
Monday, September 17th at 8/7 C

Dr. Who: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966)
Sunday, September 9th at 2/1 C
Wednesday, September 12th at Noon/11 C
Tuesday, September 18th at 8/7 C

Rocky I-V Monday, September 3rd at 10/9 C

Double Feature
Thursday, September 7th at 2/1 C and 8/7 C
Thursday, September 14th at 2/1 C and 8/7 C
Thursday, September 21st at 2/1 C and 8/7 C
Thursday, September 28th at 2/1 C and 8/7 C