The Battery (2013)

What would you truly need to survive? Would you be able to handle a new world without the comforts of home? In June 2013, we watch two completely opposite minded men in a world overrun by a plague and how they handle what they call surviving.

Directing this 101 minute drama/horror is Jeremy Gardner.

Filling some of the cast slots are: Jeremy Gardner as Ben, Adam Cronheim as Mickey, Alana O’Brien as Annie, Niels Bolle as Jerry, Jamie Pantanella as Egghead, Larry Fessenden as Frank and Kelly McQuade as Laura.

What could test two people’s humanity more than having to survive a dangerous plague outbreak together? That’s the life Ben and Mickey have now. Every day’s a test, not only of their mental strength but also the tenuous friendship they share. Once, baseball players, now two lone survivors trying to stay alive in the world run by the dead. Ben has acclimated to the changing world, Mickey not so much. Mickey longs to return to the safe world he remembers, that had hot meals, people to talk to and the comforts of home. These life style differences only add to the tension between the guys, making every day just a little harder. Then, things take an up swing when they over hear a conversation on the radio. It appears there is a place of safety, a spot of humanity has some how managed to keep going. After finding out how organized this mystery place is Mickey calls out for their help. The guys are informed to forget they ever heard of this place, they are not welcomed there. Yet Mickey can’t let go of the hope, that just maybe the voice on the other side of the radio will change his mind. All they have to do is find this place, and everything will be good again.

So, here’s another zombie movie. Should you hurry and see this one over the massive number of titles already out in the world… yes! Why? Because, yeah it’s a zombie movie, but, it’s about the people trying to survive. Not just the plague, but the aftermath of the plague. The needs to survive are not just food and shelter, but the emotional aspect. Some of us truly depend on the comforts of home, and without them… we breakdown. This film covers that journey of humanity, two obviously different people sharing something, the will to live. Now, this was a slow paced film and for some people like myself, was hard to sit through in spots.

Before watching, take note: this is a low budget film with little special effects and not a lot of zombies.


Summary : This is a really good piece of work that has a good script and a smooth playthrough.

It's rated NR (not rated) but has language and violence.




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